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May 31, 2007

Heat Vision & Jack

Ever heard of a little show called Heat Vision and Jack? Me neither. That's because it got cancelled back in '99 before it even hit the airwaves. The pilot is online however, and it stars Jack Black as an astronaut who got too close to the sun and became super-smart, and his friend Heat Vision the talking motorcycle (voiced by Owen Wilson), who used to be his unemployed roommate until actor Ron Silver (who also happens to be a hit man for NASA) shot him with an experimental ray gun that fused him with his motorcycle while Ron was trying to chase down Jack because the government wants to remove his brain.
Yeah... I can guess why it got cancelled. Ben Stiller produced and directed the show, and Rob Schrab and Dan Harmon (the guy who's now in charge of wrote it. It's worth a few laughs.

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May 30, 2007

Microsoft's Surface Computing Project

Popular Mechanics has done a feature about Microsoft's new surface computing project along with some details about new multi-touch displays being developed for military and industrial purposes. The developers think this will eventually "trickle down" (Reaganomics anyone?) into the consumer market, but their complexity, bulkiness and price currently restrict them to the higher-ups. However this technology is pretty amazing and is integrating a lot of other technologies into it.

Basically, it's a coffee table that doubles as a very high-end touch screen computer that more than one person can use at a time. The demo shows photo manipulation, maps, videos, but the applications can become much more far-reaching as the project develops. Something to watch for in the future!

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Vodka in a Stapler

I stole this one from the MySpace "Cool New Videos" section because it's a good one and I'm lazy today and no one's commenting anyway (jerks). Enjoy!

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May 29, 2007

Blackwater USA

This one was found on the Guerrilla News Group livejournal community in a post by jk-fabiani, who has an excellent political blog on livejournal himself. If you don't know what Blackwater USA is, you should. American tax dollars are paying these "military contractors" to operate covertly all over Iraq without any government oversight.

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May 28, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Found through Dead Frog - A Comedy Blog that seems to be doing the same thing I'm doing on this site, except fancier, and someone's paying attention. Prove me wrong: leave a comment!

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May 27, 2007

It's a sketch comedy show you don't have to watch! I wouldn't want to watch it anyway, because it's on VH1! Just download it from their website instead! Bonus!
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My favorites:

(1) Yo! Murder, He Rapped

[ ]

(2) Sin Trek

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A little bit about Ron Paul

I figure it's time I do a rant since I haven't filled out that section of the site yet.
Today's topic: potential GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.

I've been watching a lot of different things on this guy Ron Paul, and I've got to say, even though these days I'm more or less a green Democrat verging on libertarianism, this guy gives me hope. He's a conversative Republican from Texas who--get this--opposes the war, talks about blowback, responds thoughtfully and honestly, and doesn't have his head up his ass when it comes to foreign policy. Unlike our current President, he seems to read things, to know about the political history behind our current situation, he cares about civil liberties, and he's not a reactionary zombie spewing rhetoric targeted at the latest polls, and he's not changing his story every time Fox News gives him a bad rap. He's well-educated and he knows his stuff. He's gunning for the GOP nomination, and everyone in the elephant party is running circles around him trying to get him to shut up, because he won't stick with the agreed-upon talking points and formulaic responses that both parties are bowing to these days (sorry guys, but Hillary and Obama just aren't doing it for me so far). If only he had millions of dollars... but then anyone who does has probably done something awful to get it these days. Anyway, this is the first Republican candidate I've seen that I'd say I can respect as a person.

(1) Ron Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher, 05/25/07

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(2) Congressman Ron Paul's responses at the GOP Presidential Debate

[ ]

(3) Ron Paul vs. Rudy Giuliani on 9/11 at the GOP presidential debate

[ ]

(4) Bill Maher Vindicates Ron Paul's Argument

[ ]

(5) Ron Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher, 03/30/07

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Space Ghost, Yorke, Bjork

Finally, the time has come for the dominion of the Ghost with the Most. And I'm not talking about Casper.

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Dr. T: Recouping

Mr. T dons the doctor's coat to give a professional medical opinion on how to recoup from an absoludicrous situation. In the perfect world, Mr. T would be a Zen master, and I would be his pupil.

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Holy Sh!t

Tasteless... or tasty? You be the judge.

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May 26, 2007

White Ninja Comics

This one = courtesy of my roommate John.

White Ninja Comics are not for the weak of mind. They are a brilliant satirical commentary on controversial worldly issues.

They can be enjoyed on many levels. Scholars, Philosophers, and the like, who possess the intellect to analyze and break down the comics to their hidden, and often devious, roots, will enjoy White Ninja to its fullest degree. Others, like you and I, however, can still enjoy the comics for their light-hearted surface humour and funny drawings.

White Ninja Comics
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Yacht Rock

This one is courtesy of my old friend Chris. It's the beginning of the hard-hitting story behind the smooth rhythms of the 80's: a little something called "Yacht Rock."

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All of TV (dot net)

This site is amazing. They don't just have a whole lot of shows running right now, but old shows that have been taken off the air for years, even decades. Do you remember a time when cartoons were the hand-crafted gems of the industry? This site has them all. Ren and Stimpy, X-Men, Space Ghost, Two Stupid Dogs, even Yogi Bear and that terrible Super Mario Brothers show. They also have old shows like Sliders, ALL the Star Treks, Dragnet, The A-Team, even Eureka's Castle from the old Nickelodeon days. They even have all the latest episodes for any daytime soap freaks out there, Sports, Reality TV, Game Shows.... This thing is unbelievable. I don't know how they're still online, but I want my Ren and Stimpy!

What's even more amazing is that the networks don't seem to mind. Big ones like NBC and ABC allow their shows to be streamed off their sites and haven't sought any action against sites like this. I'm guessing they figure if they can get someone hooked on their shows indirectly, they'll be getting some extra revenue from DVD sales and they don't have to pay a dime for the free advertisement. It's the film industry that's going after sites like youtube since people freely and anonymously uploading their movies or parts thereof is directly cutting into the corporate paycheck.

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Will It Blend?

"Will it blend? That is the question."

A bizarre promo show that tests its blender on all kinds of weird objects, every episode a different one. Makeup, tiki-torches, plungers, diamonds, chicken and coke (for the "cochicken smoothie"), marbles, magnets... they even have a S***r B**l Blend-Off where they see which football blends the best. Tom Dickson has one cool job. I chose what I think to be one of the more interesting ones: glowsticks.

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Ask a Ninja

If you haven't seen any of the Ask a Ninja podcasts yet, then there's something missing in your life. In the latest episode, our favorite ninja reviews Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Here's a hint: it sucks. But don't worry, the review is much better than the movie.

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Secret bonus: search for "ninjuice" at for a secret ninja answer.

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The Last Stand

My friend Greg sent me a link to this awesome zombie game. For being free and made in Flash, it's really high end. Kill zombies, protect the barricade, send out search parties for weapons and survivors. Sweet!

The Last Stand
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Homeless Signs

Mark Daye, a student from OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design), produced a pretty interesting thesis project over in Toronto. I'll let him speak for himself:

Instead of rebranding a product, or service for my 4th year thesis project I chose to represent a local population that usually gets overlooked. I re-coded official signage and affixed 30 of them to poles in the downtown core with messages pertaining to an obvious but ignored urban sub culture. The goal was not only to catch people off guard by creating signs that acknowledge the homeless population on a seemingly official level, but to get people to think about codes of behaviour, conformity, acceptance and to maybe spare some consideration for the homeless who live mostly ignored in the city, blending into the background just like the signs.

Kudos, Mark! Here are a couple of examples of his work. Check the Homeless Signs entry on the Spacing Wire blog for the full story.

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Video Game Pianist

This guy plays a ten-minute Super Mario medley on the piano, and starts out blindfolded. Two words: one of them is "bad," the other is "ass." You do the math.

He also has a website, where you can find more piano renditions of video game themes (including Zelda and Sonic) along with other performances. This guy was even invited to play the Super Mario medley for Koji Kondo, the composer of the Super Mario and Zelda themes among others. Nerds up!

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May 25, 2007

Urban Ninja & Russian Climbing Ninja

If you ignore the terrible music, these guys can really.. jump.. and.. climb on.. things. Plus, ninjas are cool. I guess if I was that pumped about myself I'd listen to music like that too.

(1) Urban Ninja

[ ]

(2) Russian Climbing Ninja

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Lord of the Rings voiceover

An instant classic.

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Cats That Look Like Hitler (dot com)

I think the title says it all. Please note that I don't seek out things like this, they just find me.

Cats That Look Like Hitler
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Japanese Potty Training

Finally, the video that answers the question, "What would it be like if potty training was a magical adventure, and we were all friendly tigers?"

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Snap, Crackle, Pop is Gone

We miss you, Pop.

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Starcraft 2 gameplay

A little something for you nerds out there.. thanks, South Korea.

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May 24, 2007

Viral Infections

I've been having trouble getting rid of a flu for the last week, so I looked up a few things and found this useful page, which contains a concisely precise list of some herbal dietary supplements useful for combatting viral infections of different kinds. I have taken it upon myself to post a link for the general posterity of our collective.

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook: Viral Infections
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Fun Rangers

I can't explain it, but I've watched this clip at least twenty times today. It's part of a short series by a pair of Wisconsin filmmakers going by the name of Blame Society Productions who have produced quite a bit of short films and series that have had considerable internet success. They're most famous for their Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager series. Here is their official site. I hope you enjoy.

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If this simply seems really dumb to you, you may be right, however you should still investigate what it means to rolph.

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to set the agenda

I hope to begin a trend here at thoughtfarm in which we catalogue interesting (to us, to you, to me, to no one) finds on the interweb right here on the index. I also hope my compatriots will take the initiative and unilaterally enforce their own webviews onto this communal soapbox, whether by changing code, deleting things I say or simply commenting unfavorably. Hurrah. All those in favor, say nothing.

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a tip of the hat

In the time-honored tradition of our nation's forefathers, I have taken unilateral action in reformulating our index for my own purposes without consulting anyone. I hope you will join me in celebrating my victory. Let me be the first to say, "Mission Accomplished."

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