June 12, 2007

Mickey Mouse attempts to off himself - And hilarity ensues!

Yes, it really ran in newspapers in October 1930 and yes, Walt Disney himself came up with this story idea, though he didn't execute it. A cool city slicker steals Minnie's heart away and Mickey tries to commit suicide in a number of (cough) gut-busting ways.

check out the complete story arc:
[ http://www.barnaclepress.com/comics/archives/comedy/mickey_mouse/ ]

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May 26, 2007

White Ninja Comics

This one = courtesy of my roommate John.

White Ninja Comics are not for the weak of mind. They are a brilliant satirical commentary on controversial worldly issues.

They can be enjoyed on many levels. Scholars, Philosophers, and the like, who possess the intellect to analyze and break down the comics to their hidden, and often devious, roots, will enjoy White Ninja to its fullest degree. Others, like you and I, however, can still enjoy the comics for their light-hearted surface humour and funny drawings.

White Ninja Comics
[ http://www.whiteninjacomics.com/comics.shtml ]

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May 25, 2007

Cats That Look Like Hitler (dot com)

I think the title says it all. Please note that I don't seek out things like this, they just find me.

Cats That Look Like Hitler
[ http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com ]

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