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June 03, 2007

Gadget Gossip

My old friend from high school, the inimitable Hal Bergman, has a cool video blog project going on with Naomi Mercer and Dave Taylor called Gadget Gossip. It's still young but it has a lot of potential. Naomi does a great job as host and Hal's picked up some good editing skills from the great and venerable master Barney H. They already have 11 episodes up on the site and are aiming to keep churning them out once a week. Here's my favorite episode so far, in which they compare and contrast a couple of store-bought consumer breathalyzers at a bar or two.

Gadget Gossip
[ http://www.gadgetgossip.net/ ]

Posted by Nathaniel at June 3, 2007 01:16 PM